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Since becoming a trainer in 2011, I've read oodles of fitness books and magazines in search of inspiration I could apply to my client's sessions. After awhile I noticed that the kinds of workouts that my clients could realistically do and were effective were almost never like anything in those books or magazines. I came to the conclusion that most fitness related materials were targeting a young, already in pretty good shape, injury-free, novelty-seeking audience. Perhaps to no one's surprise, most of my clients didn't fall into that category (as most people don't, I think). 

I noticed something else as well. The fitness books I was paging through had so much information and were in formats that required the reader to do a lot of work to implement the material. Nearly every single client I have ever had has told me since day one, "just tell me what to do". I realized my clients had one major thing in common: they were coming to me to guide them and didn't want to have to do more work than necessary to get the results they wanted. I also realized that nearly every single client I've ever had wasn't training to be an athlete by any means, but the goal I heard over and over again instead was, "I just want to be healthy". 

​I imagined what it would look like to write a book for normal, everyday people, like my clients, that more closely mimicked the personal training experience. Thus, Every Day Fitness for Everyday People was born! I decided I would write a book in a daily format that would be as though you hired me to be your trainer every day. I would write about what we might do and talk about if that's what we did. I decided the first book (Level One) would be for beginners and I would start from the ground up with information and workouts. I decided it would be a series and that each book would progress naturally from one to the next so that client readers could attain whatever level of fitness and knowledge suited them. I decided I would make the entire series focused on bodyweight only, so anyone could do the workouts anywhere without spending money.

If this sounds good to you, then I hope you'll join my Fit Family of client readers and purchase Every Day Fitness for Everyday People: Level One today :-) 

The GIF Library is a chance for people to see a moving visual of how to do each exercise properly and view possible alternatives for each exercise. 

The PDFs and Printables page will have supplemental book materials (like workout logs, workout cheat sheets, and more) as well as additional, leveled workouts to go with each book. I've also included some free printables and other tools to help get and keep you and your families healthy <3

​I'm a one-woman operation, so I sure appreciate your support in all forms! If you have any feedback or questions, please contact me! I will always strive to respond whenever possible, though I hope you'll forgive me if I can't get to everyone right away. 

                                                                                        Thank you! In wellness,

View GIFs of all the exercises in the book as well as substitutions and other comparable exercises.
PDFs and Printables
Additional workouts, Every Day Fitness binder companions, and plenty of freebies too!
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