My Favorite Things

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I do not get paid to endorse these products, they are just things I love and since people ask me 
all the time for recommendations, I had the idea to put them all here. Anyone who decides to purchase 
any of these products should do so knowing I recommended them in good faith and should still 
exercise their own discretion before purchasing or using any product listed here.
In an ideal world, everything I drank or ate would be organic and local and have zero chemicals of any kind. However, it's not an ideal world and I'm an everyday person doing what I can. That being said, I really love all these BodyArmour drinks. They are 10% coconut water (which I also love), have a host of vitamins and minerals, and taste really good. If you have a hard time drinking enough water or just want to add some vitamins and minerals into your day, I highly recommend these.
Fun fact: I liked this book so much that I carried it with me on an excruciatingly long and hot hike down to Havasu Falls so I could finish reading it. Second fun fact: the squirrels at our campsite also loved this book and nibbled on while we were away from camp. But more to the point: this book is a-mazing. I am not easily entertained by a non-fiction book, but this one is fascinating, applicable, and thought-provoking. 
Sometimes I'm on the go all day and getting properly fueled can be a real challenge. On those days I love to keep one of these with me. It makes for a pretty high quality replacement meal and is really easy to take with you on the go. I often drink one of these before and/or after I have been figure skating for a few hours so I can keep some protein, minerals, and vitamins in my system. My son also loves them, which is a bonus! I feel good knowing he has some basic nutrition in his system.
​I searched high and low for a joint supplement that I could feel good about taking, but also give my son (a competitive figure skater) so his joints would stay healthy as he grows. I have used this one for awhile now and am very pleased with it. It has nearly every ingredient you could want to support your joints with and is of good overall quality. Also, made in the USA, so that's a bonus.
​I L.O.V.E tea. I used to just store it in the boxes they came in, which was fine, but after a trip to London and the original Twinings store I felt like I could really step up my class at home with a beautiful tea box. So, I got a tea box, but a small one that doesn't store many bags of tea. I found this beauty on Amazon so I could store way more tea and feel all classy and organized and I love it!
​I am 100% a "whole food before supplements" person, but there are many occasions for which supplements are warranted. For example, I found out in 2018 that I have Crohn's Disease, which means there are a lot of foods I just can't eat anymore. One of the ways I cope with it is by keeping a steady stream of nutrition available to my body by putting things like these Nuun tablets in my water and taking other smart supplements throughout the day to try to fill the gaps. I've tried and like them all.
I love this fitness watch so much I have two! I used to have FitBits, but I went through several of them in a relatively short time and was pretty disappointed in the overall quality. This Garmin has lasted and lasted and lasted. It reads your heart rate, which is super important to keep an eye on your health as well as get accurate calorie burn readings. I love that it bluetooths to my phone so I can see notifications. Super handy watch!
If you have a hard time drinking enough water or just want a healthy option for variety, these are really great. The ingredients are of good quality, they're tasty, they're easy to pack to take with you, they provide you with some helpful nutrients, and they don't come in plastic bottles, which is always a bonus to me. My only complaint is that I could drink an entire 6 pack in one day and that would get expensive, haha :-)
I got this belt a few years ago and have run many half marathons, 5ks, and leisure runs with it and I. Love. It. It fits my giant phone, my keys, my ID, and you can get water bottles to attach to it as well, which is really nice to have (especially when it's hot outside). It doesn't bounce around and holds everything together very nicely. I love that I can have everything with me that I need when going for a walk or run with minimal fuss.