Private Personal Training

IMPORTANT: I'm sorry, but at this time I am not taking on any new clients. Please keep an eye out for my books, coming soon, and sign up for my newsletter :-)

I will lead you through a custom exercise program based on your current desires, goals, skills, and preferences. 

All potential clients receive a FREE consultation (about 30-60 minutes) to discuss goals, review health history, and begin forming a plan prior to training. 

Sessions are conducted at my updated fitness studio where you'll enjoy your workouts in privacy.

Sessions can include just about anything, it's up to you! We can take advantage of the variety of equipment I have here at the studio or focus on what you have at home. 

Types of Training Available:

~  Strength Training  ~  Running/Walking  ~  Core Conditioning  ~  Kickboxing

~  Bodyweight Only Training  ~  High Intensity Interval Training  ~  Ballet/Barre

~  Kettlebells  ~  Flexibility  ~  Balance Training  ~  Circuits  ~  Stability Ball  ~  Yoga

~  Dumbbells  ~  Plyometrics  ~  Pilates  ~  Step Aerobics  ~  Injury Prevention

~  Post-Rehab  ~  Pre/Post Natal...almost anything!

A Letter From Cassandra:

I realize not everyone enjoys exercise as much as I do, so I try to motivate you with an enthusiasm I hope you will find contagious! I will think outside the box, research, and work diligently to deliver safe, effective, and FUN workouts that keep you wanting more!

I believe in functional fitness, the type that will keep you getting up and down off the floor, feeling your best, injury proofing yourself, and being able to lift boxes over your head, if need be.

Weight loss and wellness come from making positive, sustainable changes in your daily life. I want to encourage you to focus on the positive and empower you to create lifelong, healthy habits.  At the end of the day, I will help you achieve your goal in any way I can! 

I hope you contact me so we can discuss how to get started!

Fit With Cassandra is perfect for people who...

...prefer privacy during their workouts. During your sessions here the place is yours! It's just you and me, mano e mano, so let out your primal scream.

...want to exercise without hurting themselves. I put safety first to prevent and injuries and work with you to help rehabilitate your existing injuries. This ain't Cross Fit. good conversation during an even better workout.  I'm not going to lie, we have some great chats in here. Laughter is the best core exercise...especially when you're planking.

...aren't fans of big gyms and health clubs.  Me either. Did someone take your elliptical? It's all yours here. Someone staring? Not here, ew. Left the weights out? Not in mama's house! Paying for extras you never use? Contracts? Not on my watch!

...are at all germaphobic and also love all natural stuff.  Yeah, me too. That's why I clean everything every time it's used with a homemade blend of bacteria/virus/fungus destroying essential oils. Makes the place smell ridiculously awesome too.

...want a supportive coach instead of a drill sergeant. Don't get me wrong, I'm going to hold you accountable, but not in the way that makes your soul shrivel. I'm a Cancer, that's not how I roll. Plus, this is beachside and you can't be shamed into health! a good bargain! My prices are very competitive. I charge less than most and you get more for your money. You're probably waiting for a joke here, but I don't joke about the green!

Welcome to the studio!
Oodles of privacy, an elliptical, free weights, medicine balls, TRX, barre, resistance bands, stationary bike, kettlebells, 
Bosu, and more available! The only thing missing!