From Jordan:
Cassandra, you go girl...I had a great time meeting you and getting back into condition for more serious training. Your bubbly personality was always good at getting a happy vibe going during our workouts. I am all about having fun and the workouts hardly seemed like work. BTW I ran a 5k last week and continue to work on maintaining a fit, strong body.

From Lisa:
I highly super double secret recommend Cassandra as a motivator and fitness trainer b/c she's motivating me, an immovable object. She's the only fitness/health person I have ever known that didn't make me want to barf. She's genuinely interested in what she's doing and genuine in her zeal and zest to advance us all, without making us want to barf. High praise indeed.

From Andrea:
This is a trainer who loves what she does, and loves watching you succeed. Her sessions are upbeat, fun, interactive and catered to you and your needs. CASSANDRA ROCKS.

From Carina:
Cassandra transformed my body from mediocre to supercharge in three short months. There's no limit to her dedication. She will make every effort in achieving your goals...and she'll bring out the jungle cat inside you...

From Carole:
All I know is: Cassandra ROCKS! I can't wait to see her in her own space!

From Carrie:
Cassandra makes even the hardest workouts fun! She has a amazing personality, her studio is super clean, safe and a very comfortable space to work out in. She is very creative in her instructing and can adapt your workout on the fly if a certain move isn't working well for you.  I have both my kids in her Kinetic kids class and they LOVE it! She makes it carefree, happy, fun time, they don't even realize how much exercise they are are actually getting. She's an amazing person who you should definitely make your trainer!

From Shari:
I had my first Barre Class with Cassandra yesterday. We may or may not have gone through 300 plié least that's what my body feels like we did. Awesome, clean space and cool, down-to-earth instructor!

From Kenny:
Cassandra is awesome, she is a great motivator. Her studio is beautiful, clean and safe. Cassandra is very knowledgeable and versatile. She kicks my butt every week and I thank her for it.