Stretched Corpse Pose
What it stretches: 
Most of the body

Cassandra's Note: 
This stretch is a reward for getting through each workout because it feels so good! Generally, I try to plan workouts so you end up lying on your back so you can transition smoothly into a relaxing cool down and this is a great place to start. It's very similar to Shavasana, or Corpse Pose, in yoga only with the arms extended overhead to add a stretch to your shoulders, chest, and back. Besides being a great stretch, benefits of this pose include releasing stress and tension, improving concentration and blood circulation, calming the mind, reducing blood pressure, and promoting a state of restful rejuvenation. 

Lie on your back and simultaneously reach your arms as high as you can and reach your feet as low as you can for a full body stretch. You can choose to be more active with the stretch by reaching with your limbs away from your torso or you can simply relax in this posture. Try allowing your arms to relax towards the floor as much as possible. If reaching your arms overhead is a problem, stick with regular Corpse Pose where you rest your arms by your sides.