Cassandra Wyzik

University of New Orleans/West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Exercise Science major, Nutrition minor, 2001-2006

Everglades University
B.S. in Alternative Medicine, 2006-2009

American College of Sports Medicine
Certified Personal Trainer, 2011

Continuing Education:
-Motherwell Maternity Fitness Plan
-All About Ginseng
-Cheap Tricks of Personal Training (most efficient angles for exercises)
-Angles, Positions, and Variations
-Diploma in Health Studies
-Diploma in Outdoor and Physical Education Studies
-Postural Assessment
-Strength Training for the Youth Athlete
-Action Plan for Menopause
-Prescriptive Stretching
-Integrated Back Rehabilitation - Regression to Progression
-How Hormones and Metabolism Change the Training Game for Females
-Techniques to Rehabilitate and Protect the Knees
-Stuart McGill's Low Back Disorders
-Soft Tissue Release
-High Intensity 300
-Optimal Muscle Training
-Strength Training Anatomy
-End Back and Neck Pain
and more coming soon!

-Currently writing a series of exercise books 
-Currently studying for NSCA - CSCS certification
-Featured in the Florida Today in the Best Section on March 27, 2013 (Boot camp at Gleason)
-Contributor to the Florida Today in the Health Section on April 27, 2014 (Healthy snacks keep hunger at bay)
-Featured in the Florida Today in the Health Section on May 4, 2014 (for Parkour) 
-Contributor to Angie's List Magazine in April, 2014 (unique ways to get fit for summer)
-Contributor to the Florida Today in the Health Section on August 20, 2014 (Foods that keep you looking young)

  • Has worked with preschoolers to baby boomers and people from post rehab to post natal
  • Gained and lost 40 pounds after her pregnancy and subsequent c-section in 2008 and gained lean muscle to be in the best shape of her life
  • Cassandra is currently a brown belt in Mushinoto Ryu Jujutsu
  • Overcame lifelong asthma to complete Warrior Dash in 2010 and began running half marathons, 10 milers, 10ks, and other races in 2013
  • Was involved in a tremendous car accident in March 2011 and doctors credited her miraculously few injuries to her muscularity, flexibility, and strength
  • Enjoys Parkour, the Paleo diet, yoga, running, strength training, martial arts, barre, and bouldering
  • Is an avid knitter and all around crafter
  • Enjoys dabbling in web design and graphic design (this entire website was created by and is maintained by Cassandra)
  • Is an aromatherapist and has an entire closet "pharmacy" in her home
  • Her favorite piece of exercise equipment: bodyweight
  • Loves travel and is excited to see as many places as possible
  • Zodiac sign: Cancer :-)
  • Currently working up the levels of US Figure Skating for Adult Skaters

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Warrior Dash - January 2010
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