University of New Orleans/West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Exercise Science major, Nutrition minor, 2001-2006

Everglades University
B.S. in Alternative Medicine, 2006-2009

American College of Sports Medicine
Certified Personal Trainer, 2011

Continuing Education:
Older Adult Exercise Specialist Certification
Remedial Exercise Specialist Certification
Functional Fitness Specialist Certification
Motherwell Maternity Fitness Plan
All About Ginseng
Cheap Tricks of Personal Training (most efficient angles for exercises)
Angles, Positions, and Variations
Diploma in Health Studies
Diploma in Outdoor and Physical Education Studies
Postural Assessment
Strength Training for the Youth Athlete
Action Plan for Menopause
Prescriptive Stretching
Integrated Back Rehabilitation - Regression to Progression
How Hormones and Metabolism Change the Training Game for Females
Techniques to Rehabilitate and Protect the Knees
Stuart McGill's Low Back Disorders
Soft Tissue Release
High Intensity 300
Optimal Muscle Training
Strength Training Anatomy
End Back and Neck Pain
Sports Injuries Guidebook (course)

Currently studying for the NSCA - CSCS certification (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Fun Facts:
  • Gained and lost 40 pounds after her pregnancy and subsequent                c-section in 2008 
  • Cassandra is currently a brown belt in Mushinoto Ryu Jujutsu
  • Overcame childhood asthma to complete Warrior Dash in 2010 and began running half marathons, 10 milers, 10ks, and other races in 2013
  • Was literally hit by a truck in 2011
  • Enjoys figure skating, Parkour, yoga, running, strength training, martial arts, barre, hiking, and bouldering to stay in shape
  • Is an avid knitter and all around crafter
  • Enjoys dabbling in web and graphic design (this entire website was created by and is maintained by Cassandra)
  • Is an aromatherapist and has an entire closet "pharmacy" in her home
  • Her favorite piece of exercise equipment: bodyweight
  • Loves travel and is excited to see as many places as possible
  • Zodiac sign: Cancer :-)
  • Currently a competitive figure skater at the Adult Bronze Free Skate level
  • Loves learning foreign languages. Favorite so far: Italian
  • Plays the violin, harp, trumpet, ukulele, and many other instruments
  • Has been homeschooling her son, Roman, since 2015 (currently 6th grade)
  • One life goal: complete a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail