Front Lunges
​What it strengthens: 
Quads, glutes, hamstrings, calves 

Cassandra's Note: 
We're building onto the Stationary Lunge and adding a dynamic element with these. Adding some movement to the lunge helps it become even more functional than before since it more closely mimics real-life movements.  

We're going to keep the same end form for the Stationary Lunge with both knees at 90 degrees, back knee under hip, and front knee over the ankle. The difference is that we will start standing and gently swing one leg forward (the correct distance to get the end form) and then do our lunge before pressing backward through the front foot to return to standing. Again, think about lunging up and down, not forward. Do both sides. Do not lean forward at the hips! Note my upright form to the right.

To make easier: 
Hold onto something, like a chair, a rail, or a countertop to help you with your balance and/or do not bend your knees as far and/or do fewer repetitions.

To make harder: 
Be as slow and controlled as possible and/or bend so your knee almost touches the floor and/or do more repetitions.