These handouts are especially wonderful for kids but can be fun for adults too! Every day we want to eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables and these handouts teach why and help you keep track of your fruit and vegetable intake!

This binder packet complements Every Day Fitness for Everyday People: Level One and includes all the workout logs, cheat sheets, calendars, and other materials included in the book. Simply print, punch holes, and place in a binder to stay on track during your health journey even easier than with the book alone!

The packet is 49 pages and gives you what you need to track as many workouts as you want, well beyond the 30 day format of the book. If you don't have the book yet, get to Amazon and buy it now! After I receive notification of purchase I will send you the PDF as soon as possible. If for any reason (like a meteor hit me) you don't receive your PDF, have questions, or just want to say hi then please send me a message :-)
Print, preferably on card stock, and cut out all the foods so they are individual. Have kids choose one of each color category to glue to their plate so they remember what kinds of fruits and vegetables to eat :-)
Print the grocery list to help you guide your healthy shopping choices. Write the quantities of each item in the box to the left and bring it to the store with you to help keep you on track!
Print this tracker to help you drink more water
Print this tracker to help you reduce your overall alcohol intake