Plie Squat
​What it strengthens: 
Quads, hamstrings, glutes, inner thighs, lower back, abs

Cassandra's Note: 
Time to feel like a ballerina! Plies incorporate your inner thighs, an important but generally disregarded area. This exercise helps you with healthy hips, knees, and perky glutes.

From standing, step your feet about double hip width apart with your toes out at about 45 degree angles. Keep your abs pulled in, chest up, and back straight as you bend your knees out at the same angle as your toes. Drop your butt down as low as you can then "zip" your inner thighs back together as you press back up to standing. Do not lean forward or backward.

To make easier: 
Don't bend as low and/or hold on to something for balance.

To make harder: 
Bend lower and/or slower and/or hold at the bottom.